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We are a commercial law firm which offers real estate services like:

Residential and Commercial Transactions including buying and selling a home or investing in commercial property.


Our business law experts have guided clients through thousands of these transactions. We know that buying or selling a residential or commercial property is likely going to be your biggest investment, and ensure you receive courteous and professional treatment through the process. This gives you the confidence that your transaction is done right. Read more

Mortgage Financing & Re-Financing

Whether you are a borrower or lender, the real estate lawyers at Youngman Law can help you through the mortgage process. If you’re getting financing for the first time or are refinancing to do some renovations, we can make sure you’re aware of liability issues with your mortgage. Read more

Preparing offers to purchase

This is a legally binding agreement to purchase a piece of property, including a specific price. You can make a firm offer – with no conditions attached – or a conditional offer. Either way, the Toronto real estate lawyers at Youngman Law can assist you. Read more


Title insurance

You do your best to know what you’re getting into when you buy a home, but issues can bubble up that you didn’t see coming. Title insurance gives you protection from issues including fraudulently obtained mortgages, errors in public records and zoning infractions. Read more

Land Transfer Tax

Don’t forget that buying a home in Ontario means you will likely have to pay this tax, which is calculated as a percentage of what you paid for the property. And for Toronto residents, there is an additional land transfer tax for all purchases in the city. We can guide you through these taxes and explain how they affect your new home purchase. Read more


Real Estate Information Sheets 

Real Estate Law is an area the legal team at Youngman Law knows well. When you talk to one of our real estate lawyers, be prepared to have your real estate agent send along the agreement of purchase and sale, along with new client and vendor contact information. And remember, it’s a good idea to have a list of questions ahead of time before meeting our Toronto real estate experts. Read more


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