Real Estate Information

What happens when you first meet a real estate lawyer:


Have your real estate agent send to your real estate lawyer the Agreement of Purchase and Sale along with new client contact information and vendor solicitor information including name, address and phone number.


Have a list of prepared questions when you make the initial contact with your lawyer. Your list should include a question on any extra costs that may arise including land transfertax and mortgage insurance, title insurance and adjustments.


Provide your banker/mortgagee with your real estate lawyer’s contact information so that they can provide the mortgage instructions directly to the lawyer.


Bring 2 pieces of personal identification including driver’s license/passport/ citizenship and a major credit card (no healthcards).


Advise lawyer as to Marital Status and who will be the owners of the property.




Before closing you must arrange home (fire and liability) insurance which is required as of the date of closing. Insurance is not normally necessary for a condominium but it is recommended. Mortgagee must be noted on insurance policy


Advise lawyer where you wish to pick up the keys for your new property.


Sign up appointment happens before closing (day or two) and you come and sign all documents and provide certified closing funds.


On date of closing, the purchaser’s lawyer delivers certified closing funds, and in exchange, the vendor’s lawyer delivers the closing documentation and keys. Once completed, the deed will be registered and keys can be released to the purchaser and funds released to the vendor.


Reporting Letter will be sent to you and includes all relevant details of the transaction. This letter will be mailed to you within 3 weeks from closing date.