Have you suffered a Personal Injury?

If you have fallen victim to anyone of the following, our team of specialists are here to assist you with dealing with the aftermath of an injury such as:


• Car accident

Head-on collision

Hit by a drunk driver


T-bone accident

Wrongful death (Family Law Act Claim)


• Bus accident

• Pedestrian hit by a car

• Bicycle hit by a car

• Motorcycle accident

• Dram shop liability (bar owner negligence)

• Slip and fall

• Dog bite

• Assault


Important Time Limits - Motor Vehicle Accident


If you have suffered a personal injury where a motor vehicle was involved, there are certain time limits that you need to know:


• Regardless of who was at fault or how serious your injury, you must notify your insurance carrier within 7 days of an accident involving a motor vehicle, even if you were not the driver;


• If you have suffered a serious injury caused by someone else, you must contact one of our specialists as soon as possible as notice, in a specific form and within a specific time, must be provided to the person that caused your injury;


• In most circumstances, you must commence a lawsuit against the person that injured you within two years of the date that your accident occurred, or you may lose your right to do so FOREVER;




Important Time Limits - Municipal Negligence


• Slip and fall on city property

• Slip and fall on town property

• Injuries caused by the negligence of a city, town or other municipality


If you have suffered an injury caused by the negligence of a municipality, you must contact one of our specialists immediately as the municipality must be put on notice, in a specific specified form, within 10 days of the accident.


What To Do If You Have Suffered A Personal Injury:


Call 911 and make a police report;

Seek medical treatment;

Get details of the person or people that caused you injury including their:



Their insurance company and policy number

The exact location of the accident and

If a motor vehicle has been involved, the details of the owner of the motor vehicle

Get a copy of the police report

Notify your insurance company about the accident as soon as possible and





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