Mortgage Enforcement Loan Defaults

YLPC are experts in mortgage enforcement and loan defaults and our mortgage lawyers help solve the problems that occur when a borrower defaults on their obligations for mortgage payments.

How we can help

The following are services we offer to our Mortgage Enforcement clients:

• Issuance of demand letters, statements of claim, notices of sale and writs of possession

• Retaining appraisers, realtors and property managers to ensure that the property is properly priced and maintained

• Correcting any title issues

• Dealing with prior and subsequent mortgagees

• Taking all legal steps to convey title to a new purchaser and collecting mortgage deficiencies following sale of the property



Power of Sale Definition:

A provision in a mortgage agreement that grants the lender the right to sell the property upon certain default. The property will be sold by the lender as they choose to sell it, as the circumstances dictate.


For loan defaults, we offer the following services for our clients:


• Issuance of demand letters, statements of claim

• Retaining bailiffs to seize security that may have been pledged against the loan

• Assisiting the baliff or auctioneer in the sale of the security, if any

• Collecting the balance owing on the loan.


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