What is Litigation?

Litigation is comprised of a lawsuit or a legal contest in a court of justice for the purpose of enforcing a right.


The parties in such a law suit include:

• a plaintiff who claims to have received damages from and seeks a legal or equitable remedy from

• a defendant who is required to respond to the plaintiff’s complaints.

If the plaintiff is successful, a judgment is awarded in his favour.

That judgment may include court orders, such as: 


• awarding damages

• enforcing rights

• imposing injunctions

If the defendant is successful, he/she will be exonerated and perhaps awarded the costs of the action against the plaintiff.


Litigation may involve resolving courtroom disputes between individuals OR business entities.

Our experts in litigation law can assist you with:

Construction Law and Liens

This legal area deals with issues surrounding building construction, including drafting and reviewing contracts and legal documents, construction claims, insurance and performance security and more. We also specialize in mechanics (or construction) liens, which are used by contractors to ensure they’re paid for their work on a project. Read more


Employment Law

This area of the law covers issues surrounding employment, including constructive dismissal, disability, sexual harassment and just cause of termination. Read more

Civil and Business Litigation

Our business law experts can help you with lawsuits for unfair and illegal business practices, breach of contract, partnership disputes and other issues. Talk to our litigation law specialists. Read more

Shareholder, Corporate and Partnership Disputes

This tricky area of the law is one our Toronto business lawyers are very familiar with. We can help guide you through the range of remedies available to deal with business disputes between partners or even shareholders. Read more


Wills and Trust Disputes

These sensitive and personal disputes are handled delicately but appropriately by our team. Our Will Experts can help with emotionally charged family issues, including heirs seeking compensation and contested estates. Read more


Alternative Dispute Resolution

You don’t always need to go to court to resolve disputes. You also have the option of mediation or alternative dispute resolution. We can help you find the right mediation specialist for your issues. Read more


Estates Litigation

There can be delicate issues that arise when a family member dies. We can help you through difficult issues, such as challenging a will, the interpretation of trusts and power of attorney. Read more


Business Law

Whether you run a small business or a huge corporation, our business lawyers can give you a helping hand navigating the legal difficulties. Our corporate lawyers can help you deal with laws surrounding business and commercial transactions. Read more

Protecting your rights

If you’ve been involved in an accident and suffered a personal injury, our specialists can make sure you are fully aware of all your rights, and guide you in seeking compensation. Read more


At Youngman Law we represent litigants of all kinds. We act for consumers as well as businesses in bringing lawsuits for unfair and illegal business practices, breach of contract, partnership disputes and lease agreement disputes. We have a mandate to provide timely, efficient and cost effective legal representation in all areas of commercial and civil law.