When happens when I decide to contact Youngman Law?


Our website provides you with background information on allareas of our legal practice.  You can call us at 416-363-3351 and Robeena, our friendly and knowledgeable receptionist, will direct you to the lawyer appropriate to your inquiry. If you prefer email for inquiries, you can email info@youngmanlaw.com and we will put you in touch with the correct legal advisor.


What is the relationship with the lawyer?


We will listen to your needs and provide you with relevant and timely legal advice, including offering different options for you to consider.


Is information discussed kept private?


We honor the solicitor-client privilege that allows clients to trust their lawyers with confidential and private information. 


How does the financial arrangement work?


Once our law firm is retained by you, we provide you with a retainer letter with details of our arrangement. In some cases we will require payment of a retainer before providing legal services. A retainer is basically a trust arrangement that is paid to a lawyer to act on a person’s behalf. Legal fees are our charges for services and include the goods and services tax. Our fees also include communication time such as emails, calls, and other actions required for acting on your behalf. Legal service arrangements can include a flat rate charge or a contingency basis, which means our legal fee is a percentage of the amount recovered in the specific case.