Estates Litigation

This is a specialized area of the law with its own rulebook. It can be complicated but we, as our mandate specifies, want to simplify this area for you.


There are many statutory provisions for estates as well as complicated family dynamics. Our aim is to resolve the issues quickly and thoroughly so sensitive issues can be dealt with sensitively.

When legal issues arise after a family member dies, we understand that a special touch is required. That’s where we come in. Sensitive and often complex family estate litigation issues need well-balanced legal help. We work closely with our clients to assist them with legal challenges during this often emotional and difficult period.


Our YLPC team specializes in the following common areas of estate litigation:


• Will Challenges (validity and interpretation)

• Probate

• Trust Interpretations

• Appointment and Removal of Trustees

• Power of Attorney

• Statutory Guardianship


Much estate litigation can be prevented with minimal expense and effort. When a Will and Powers of Attorney are prepared by lawyers, legal disputes are much less likely to arise. Please contact us to help you prepare these documents or for a confidential consultation regarding your estate litigation matter.