Construction Law & Liens

How we can help

It may involve the following topics


• contract law – drafting and reviewing contracts and tender documents

• construction claims

• tendering

• negligence

 • subcontract issues

• insurance and performance security

• liens and other security interests.


Mechanics Liens (more recently called Builders or Construction Liens)

In Canada a contractor can get some security to assure that he or she will be paid for his or her work on a project. An unpaid contractor on a private project can go to the city or county and record a mechanic's lien against the property to which it provided labor, service, materials or equipment. The mechanic's lien makes the property security for the debt owed to the contractor. Then, if the project owner still does not pay, the contractor can file a complaint requesting that a court enter judgment and order a foreclosure sale of the property so that the debt can be paid from the sale proceeds.


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