Civil & Business Litigation

Litigation is comprised of a lawsuit or a legal contest in a court of justice for the purpose of enforcing a right.

The parties in such a law suit include:

• a plaintiff who claims to have received damages from and seeks a legal or equitable remedy from

• a defendant who is required to respond to the plaintiff’s complaints.


If the plaintiff is successful, a judgment is awarded in his favour. That judgment may include court orders, such as:


• awarding damages

• enforcing rights

• imposing injunctions


If the defendant is successful, he will be exonerated and perhaps awarded the costs of the action against the plaintiff.

Litigation may involve resolving courtroom disputes between individuals OR business entities.


How we can help

At YLPC we represent litigants of all kinds. We act for consumers as well as businesses in bringing lawsuits for unfair and illegal business practices, breach of contract, partnership disputes and lease agreement disputes. We have a mandate to provide timely, efficient and cost effective legal representation in all areas of commercial and civil law.