Residential & Commercial Transactions

Our lawyers have overseen thousands of successful residential and commercial transactions, and understand that they may be assisting you in completing a transaction that is most likely your single largest investment.


Mark R. Youngman, is our resident expert, he has overseen real estate deals in both residential and commercial arenas for almost two decades. We ensure each client receives professional and personal care throughout the process, so that you may feel confident that your purchase or sale is done right.


Here’s why you can feel comfortable working with us for both residential and commercial work:


Buying or Selling A Home

We know it can be a very personal matter when you are buying or selling a house or condominium. This may be one of the biggest and perhaps most daunting purchases in your lifetime and, knowing this, we will provide you with explanations at each step of the way. We want to make the process seamless and simple and why shouldn’t we? You are paying us to do just that.

Is this your first time meeting a lawyer for a real estate transaction? No worries, check out our information sheets to find out how to prepare for an initial meeting:


Ten Tips for New Home Buyer

As well, we have a network of great contacts to make the entire real estate process easier for you. Take a look at some of our recommended partners who can assist you through each stage of buying a house.

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Condominium Legal Services

Condominiums have their own rule book and our firm is able to provide the following range of legal services involving all aspects of condominium matters, including but not limited to:


• Attendance at Board meetings and meetings of owners when and if required


Human Resources/Labour and Employment advice and strategy


Collection and recovery of any arrears due and owing by the unit owner


Litigation in all matters including claims, defences, and actions involving construction issues and deficiencies


The registration of liens for non-payment of expenses, power of sale actions, etc.


Arbitration and Mediation services pursuant to the new mediation/arbitration provisions to the Condominium Act 1998 requiring alternative dispute resolution for various issues, including certain issues with the Developer.


The preparation of By-Laws and Rules


General advice and consultation with respect to all issues of condominium law


Our staff is dedicated and qualified to assist the Board both efficiently and effectively in resolving the various issues. Our experience allows us to tailor our legal services specifically to your unique and individual requirements while maintaining the objective of effective and affordable legal representation.


Commercial Transactions

This area of law can be more complex than residential and it is critical that your legal team understand all the laws and issues involved in commercial real estate transactions. We do.

We have excellent experience in Commercial law including Franchise and Industrial Leases so speak with us when you are considering a commercial property investment.


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