Shareholder, Corporate & Partnership Disputes

Everyone goes into a business thinking of shared success and great achievements, but partnerships can be fraught with potential problems, and the ‘partners’ involved in a business can have different objectives that often put them in conflict. That’s where the YLPC team gets involved: we know that Ontario law has a broad range of remedies in place to deal with these often complex matters between partners in a business or even the shareholders.


One example of a claim in this area is an oppression remedy, which is a statutory right available to shareholders. It enables shareholders to bring an action against the corporation in which they own shares when the conduct of the company has an effect that is oppressive, unfairly prejudicial, or unfairly disregards the interests of a shareholder.


Simply put, we understand what’s involved and we’ll work to resolve your issue simply, solidly and cost-effectively. And, why shouldn’t we? That’s our specialty.