Business Law

Business Law
Whether you are a small business owner or a national corporation, Youngman Law commercial lawyers can help you navigate legal complexities that arise. Youngman Law Corporate Lawyers assist business owners with laws that govern business and commercial transactions.


Also, are you thinking of starting up a business?


You have to consider factors such as:


• Registering your trademark

• Co-founder issues - have strong documentation to avoid issues later

• Employees' legal rights - what to be aware of in hiring


We can also help you with:


Business Litigation

The business law experts at Youngman Law can guide you through your options for lawsuits dealing with key business issues. Our Toronto business lawyers can deal with business practices that are illegal or unfair, contracts that are breached, disputes between business partners and problematic lease agreements. Winning a judgement can result in you being awarded damages, having your rights enforced as well as a legally bulletproof injunction being imposed on the defendant.


Remember, litigation can include disputes in the courtroom between not only businesses, but individuals as well. With our assistance, your business will be fully prepared to either launch or defend against a lawsuit or legal contest.


Shareholder, corporate and partnership disputes

Our Toronto law practice is very familiar with these important areas of business law. We can help guide you through the range of solutions available for you when it comes to dealing with business disputes between partners or even shareholders.


General employment law issues

We can help with all areas of employment law, which is a legal field where every business should be fully knowledgeable of their rights and those of their employees. Employment law covers all issues of employment, including constructive dismissal, disability, sexual harassment and just cause for termination.


There are many legal issues that can arise when you start or take over a business. Your legal attorney or employment lawyer should be on top of anything that could happen and know the ins and outs of contract law.